Aesthetic Treatments

A Full Spectrum of Aesthetic Treatments

BOTOXlogoWe all want clear skin, but nature has a way of sabotaging us with frustrating imperfections. Luckily, BOTOX Cosmetics and Palomar Pulsed Light System’s technology (which uses lasers and pulsed light to remove skin imperfections) has been growing in leaps and bounds.A full spectrum of aesthetic treatments safely and effectively reduce pigmented lesions, vascular facial veins and unwanted hair. BOTOX non-surgical injections temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet around the eyes.

logoSpecially trained medical providers need to see you in person to provide an effective evaluation. Appointments for evaluations and procedures on Palomar System and BOTOX can be made by calling the Hettinger Clinic at 701-567-6104

Palomar Pulsed Light Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at the Mott Clinic with Lori Hill, FNP-C Pulsed Light Technician

BOTOX Cosmetics Schedule: Dr. Willoughby is Certified in Facial Aesthetic Treatments, please call Hettinger Clinic to schedule an appointment.

Rejuvenate your skin with the RejuveLux Process.

Pigmented Lesions - Female

Pre Treatment (Sunspots or age spots)


Post Treatment


Pigmented Lesions - Male

Pre Treatment (Sunspots or age spots)


Post Treatment



Pre Treatment (Facial inflammation)


Five Weeks After One Treatment


Vacular Veins

Pre Treatment (Superficial Spider Veins)


Post Treatment


Hair Removal

Hair Removal

hairy back BA