Behavioral Health

 Behavioral HealthMission: “Our mission is to improve the overall well-being and
emotional health of our youth, adults and families within the communities we serve.”


Staff (L to R)

John P. Joyce, MD, Family Medicine
Carrie Ann K. Ranum, MD, Pediatric Medicine
Rose B. Bergquist, PA-C, CNS-PMH, Medicaton Management/Therapist
Tara L. Jorgenson, LPCC, QMHP, Program Coordinator/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Roger E. Dieterle, M.Div., MS, Pastoral Counselor/Therapist
Cheryl M. Nasset, LICSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker



The Behavioral Health team consists of a group of professionals, with mental health backgrounds, trained to treat the needs of those in our service area. The Behavioral Health team consists of:

Dr. John P. Joyce, MD, Family Medicine, has special interest in mental health disorders and general wellness. Clinics served include Hettinger, Lemmon, New England and Scranton.

Dr. Carrie Ann K. Ranum, MD, Pediatrics, has special interests in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, depression and other behavioral issues. Clinics served include Bowman, Hettinger, Lemmon and New England. 

Rose B.Bergquist, PA-C, CNS-PMH, Medication Management/Therapist, provides therapy and medication management through West River Health Services. Rose can provide assistance to individuals as young as 16 through the geriatric years. She serves Scranton Clinic and nursing homes in Bowman, Hettinger, Lemmon and Mott.

Tara L. Jorgenson, LPCC, QMHP Program Coordinator/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, provides individual, couple and family therapy. Tara welcomes children, adolescence and adults. Special interests include treatment of anxiety, depression, behavioral issues and co-occurring disorders. Clinics served include Hettinger and Lemmon.

Roger E. Dieterle, M.Div., MS, Pastoral Counselor/Family Therapist, provides individual, couple, family and group therapy in addition to pastoral counseling through West River Health Services. Payment for service is based on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size. Roger sees clients in Medora, Belfield, Dickinson and in the New England Clinic. In addition, Roger offers phone counseling to include evening hours. 

Cheryl M. Nasset, LICSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, enjoys individual behavioral health issues to focus on anxiety, depression, adult ADHD and veteran/military related issues. Cheryl welcomes children, adolescence and adults. Clinics served include Hettinger, Mott, and Bowman.


Bowman Clinic – (701) 523-3271
Hettinger Clinic – (701) 567-6104
Lemmon Clinic – (605) 374-3773
Mott Clinic – (701) 824-2391
New England Clinic – (701) 579-4507
Scranton Clinic – (701) 275-6336

Contact any clinic for information or to schedule an appointment.



Services are available for children, adolescents and adults, including the geriatric population and veterans.

• Individual therapy
• Couple and family therapy
• Group therapy
• Medication management
• Diagnostic assessments
• Pastoral counseling
• Anger management
• Parenting education
• Stress management
• Hospital consults
• Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder
• Veternan’s behavioral health needs
• Tele-medicine


Accepts third party reimbursements, Medicaid, Medicare and TriCARE. In addition, a patient may apply for the WRHS Charity Care program for a reduced fee for service. A sliding fee scale may apply.

Financial Assistance


Patient information may not be disclosed without the explicit informed consent of the patient. Behavioral Health records, to include progress notes, are not filed within the medical record but filed within a seperate Electronic Health Record system.


24 Hour Helpline
Dial 2-1-1 or 701-235-7335 (SEEK)

24 Hour Suicide Lifeline
Dial 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

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