Visiting Nurse

West River Health Services, a subsidiary of West River Health Services Foundation, offers a Visiting Nurse program through the Rural Health Clinic in Mott.  Nurses do home visits with patients within the West River service area, with nurses stationed in Mott, Lemmon and Hettinger.

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(l to r) Sheila Novak, RN, MGR - Kylee Stadheim, SEC - Susan Layden, RN - Karen Kobilansky, RN - Barb Maychrzak, RN - Jeanette Dietz, RN - Dawn Friedt, RN



  1. Tell your physician that you want us to provide home care service.
  2. When your physician orders home care services, we will confirm your eligibility with the proper payment source.
  3. You will begin receiving home care services from us as soon as a nurse is available.
  4. In addition to Medicare, the Veterans Administration and private insurance firms like Blue Cross/Blue Shield will pay expenses associated with home health care. Patients are always welcome to cover the cost directly.


Once home care is ordered, Visiting Nurse does the rest.

We confirm eligibility with the proper payment source.

We then contact the physician to receive instructions about the type of care to be received.

While your physician must order home care for you, other people can start the referral process. Anyone may call a referral to our office. You may schedule an assessment visit at no charge. Your eligibility for home care services will be verified with the proper payment source.


Hettinger Office - Western Horizons Assisted Living

Phone Numbers

In Mott        701-824-3233
In Hettinger  701-567-6170
In Lemmon  605-374-5377

All referrals for services should contact 701-567-6171.

Mailing Addresses

West River Health Services Visiting Nurse
420 Pacific Ave
Mott, ND 58646     

West River Health Services Visiting Nurse
700 N 4th St
Hettinger, ND 58639   

West River Health Services Visiting Nurse
401 6th Ave West
Lemmon, SD 57638

Home Health Services

Home Health Services

Visiting Nurse Brochure

Home Health Services

  • Skilled nurses assess general health status
  • Skilled nurses provide prescribed care
  • Skilled nurses network available resources
  • Therapists, nurses aides, unskilled nursing services are given on a referral basis

Karen Kobilansky, RN

Susan Layden, RN

5 Outstanding Reasons

For choosing Visiting Nurse

  • Care is delivered at home. Staying in the home provides a more restful, healing environment.
  • Home care keeps families together and involves them in the plan of care.
  • You are better able to maintain independence.
  • Home care is safe. Highly trained individuals provide home care services under the direction of the patient’s physician.
  • New or recurring problems can be discovered promptly and reported to your physician.