West River Health Services Foundation and Auxiliary Distributes $15,750 To Area Youth!

The West River Health Services Foundation and Auxiliary has selected nine students to receive thirteen academic scholarships ranging from $500 to $3,000 each; to specifically aid them in continuing their healthcare education at the next level. Over 50 applications were reviewed by our WRHS and Auxiliary Scholarship Committees and the Stippich family. Although there were many sensational applications, the following were selected to receive financial assistance:


Scholarship                  Winner                           College                            Major

Stippich                       Bailey McGee                 Presentation                     BSN

Lynn Feist                   Amanda Riley                 U Mary                               Radiology/Phlebotomy

Irma Steinmetz           Bailey McGee                 Presentation                     BSN

Denim Day                 Tayler Burwick                 NDSU                                Radiologic Sciences

Foundation                 Alec Andress                  UND                                   Pre-Med

Foundation                 Brianna Robinson          NDSU                                Respiratory Care

Foundation                 Jaylea Mattis                  UND                                   Biology/Psychology

Foundation                 McKenna Poss              UND                                   Biomedical Engineering

Foundation                 Tayler Burwick                NDSU                                Radiologic Sciences

Auxiliary                      Jaylea Mattis                  UND                                   Biology/Psychology

Auxiliary                      Taylor Williams               U of Montana                    Speech Pathology       

Auxiliary                      McKenna Poss              UND                                   Biomedical Engineering

Nursing Intern            Allison Pekron                U Mary                               BSN


The Nursing Internship Scholarship is a new addition to the Scholarship Program this year. Our new Director of Nursing, Anna Sherlock, has convinced our Scholarship Committee that this program will pay dividends for West River down the road. Therefore, this summer there will be two nursing interns working with our nursing staff at West River.


Special thanks to all of the families and organizations who have provided funding for this scholarship program over the years, including the Stippich’s, Feist’s, Steinmetz’s and the Congregational Church. Also, thanks to our employees and Foundation members who have placed their gifts or payroll deductions toward the WRHS Scholarship Program. Every dollar counts! And let’s not forget our successful “Adult Prom,” which raised over $27,000 net; as some of that will also be earmarked for our scholarship program. 


Thank you to the WRHS Auxiliary for raising funds from their Annual Turkey Luncheon and their Perennials Plant Sale (coming up on May 19th, 3-4:30), which also aids in funding scholarships for our area youth pursuing healthcare careers.

If anyone would like to support our WRHS Scholarship Program or has an idea for a healthcare-related scholarship, please contact Ted Uecker at the Foundation at 701-567-6187. He’ll be glad to visit with you about your scholarship and/or giving plans.

As we move forward, we know how difficult it is to find skilled healthcare labor in our rural communities. Therefore, it is of paramount importance, that we invest in our area youth – with hopes they’ll consider returning to their roots someday in the future. Onward! 

By Ted Uecker, WRHS Foundation

News - 2017