Medical Records

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How Do I Transfer or Request Copies of My Medical Records?

To release medical records we would like to have a completed authorization form. You must be 18 years of age or the parent or legal guardian of a minor.  Follow these instructions to ensure smooth processing of your request:

  • Download and print Release of Information Authorization (pdf).
  • Fill out the form as completely as you can.
    • Be sure to include both the name and address that you would like your records released to.
    • Be as specific as you can about the information that you'd like released (e.g. specific dates of service, specific treatment, just immunizations, etc.)    
  • Please mail authorization to West River Health Services. See below for details.  In some cases there will be a charge for copies of your medical records.

Where Should I Send My Release of Information Authorization?

If you are requesting Release of Information from any West River Health Service location, please mail to:

    Release of Information
    West River Health Services
    1000 Highway 12
    Hettinger, ND 58639


If you do not have a pdf viewer, you may download Acrobat® Reader® acrobatlogo

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below and click the questions for answers to the most frequently asked release of information questions.

If you have additional questions, call West River Health Services Release of Information at (701) 567-6268 or you may contact the Health Information Manager, Staci Miller, RHIT, CCS at (701) 567-6262, or email

Can a patient review and/or receive copies of their own medical record?

The patient has a right to access their own medical records. The patient can view their medical records through the "Follow my Health" patient portal. If the patient would like a copy of their medical records, a completed request form is required. To download form click here. (All requests by the patient for copies of medical records will be received in writing and the patient needs to be resonsible for any duplication costs.)

How long are medical records kept?

Medical records for adult patients will be preserved until at least the tenth anniversary of the date on which the patient was last treated at any West River Health Service facility.

Medical records of a minor patient (less than 18 years of age when last treated) will be preserved to his/her twenty-first birthday or on or after the tenth anniversary last treated, whichever is later.

Who is authorized to sign for release of medical records?

The  authorization must be signed by the patient, a parent of the patient (if the patient is a minor), or the patient's legally empowered representative.

Who is authorized to sign for release of medical records if the patient is deceased?

If a patient is deceased, the authorization must be signed by the appointed personal representative, if any. Otherwise, the surviving spouse, if any; an adult child, if any; a parent, or responsible next of kin may authorize release of records.

Is there a charge to request copies of medical records?

Depending upon the number of pages being requested, there may be a $10 minimum charge, as well as .25 per copy.  There is no charge if your records are being sent directly to another healthcare provider.

Is there a charge to request copies of X-ray films?

Yes. There is a charge of $5.00 for the CD, unless the CD is sent directly to another healthcare provider.

When you send records to another facility do you send copies or the original? Will there still be information at West River Health Services if I return as a patient?

The medical record itself is a legal document and the property of West River Health Services. Therefore, the original medical record stays at West River Health Services and copies are sent to the other facility.

Can my doctor, who is outside of West River Health Services, just request my records?

Yes, if you are still under treatment from that doctor.

Who can pick up medical records?

If someone other than the patient will be picking up copies of medical records, please let us know in advance. The person picking up the medical records must bring written authorization from the patient. ID is required for all pickups.