West River Health Services Foundation Donates Lift Chair & Funds to Good Sam’s

FDOchairPictured from left to right: Owen Blickensdfer, Maria Stelter, Ted Uecker, Julie Morgan, Suzette Fry and Shirley Halvorson


 Recently Lori Hill, West River Health Services Mott Clinic Manager and Family Nurse Practitioner, was approached by a representative from Mott’s Good Samaritan Society Nursing Home. They were looking for donations and/or door prizes for their Goodwill BBQ July 18th, to raise funds for their new mural hallway wall treatments. She immediately contacted Ted Uecker at the WRHS Foundation about this idea and the wheels were set in motion. After all, Good Sam’s had stepped up with a $2,900 gift for the recent WRHS Mott Clinic renovations project, which raised over $34,400! As did the rest of the Mott area – especially our Anonymous donor, the City of Mott, August & Lucille Kirschemann, Wilbur-Ellis , Mott Equity Exchange, the Commercial Bank of Mott, Dr. Mark & Lanae Kristy, Dr. Boschee and almost ninety more families, businesses and organizations.


So now it was West River’s turn to counter with something for Good Sam’s hallway wall treatments project. Isn’t that what good neighbors are for? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. The thoughts of a check, a painting, a yard ornament, a statue – they were all thrown out there. The best idea though, came from Cindy Ham, WRHS’s Community Relations Director. She had the bright idea to gift a new Lift Chair from our WRHS Home Medical Store. It’s exactly what a Care Center needs and it could be used by all of the residents! BINGO! Not literally, but we found the right gift idea. Plus, area care centers, residents, patients and their families would now know that we have a WRHS Home Medical Store with various products for them to purchase. This is a win-win for both parties – we hope!


Therefore, via the WRHS Foundation, it was decided to gift a brand new Lift Chair from West River Health Services Home Medical Store to Good Sam’s. This beautiful and soft, recliner-type Lift Chair, in Wildfire maroon, had an $1,178 retail value out of the store. And it should be a terrific addition to Good Sam’s – right at the intersection of every resident hallway! In this way, all of the residents can enjoy the new Lift Chair at one time or another. Ted Uecker of the WRHS Foundation loaded and delivered the awesome chair to Good Sam’s on Wednesday, July 12th. The staff was, as always, more than appreciative of the sensational gift for their residents.

In addition, West River Health Services gifted $200 toward the new mural hallway treatments project at Good Sam’s. WRHS’s Lori Hill attended the BBQ fundraiser and presented the check to Good Sam’s CEO, Helen Wichman.

To West River Health Services Foundation, the word local means more than just our nearest home community. It also means our entire surrounding community – from Mott to Regent and New England to Bowman, Scranton, Reeder, Hettinger, Bison and Lemmon – we’re all in this healthcare together. And the sooner we all realize it, the sooner we can work together toward common needs and goals. Together Everyone Achieves More. Onward!

By Ted Uecker, WRHS Foundation


News - 2017